4 Tools to Optimize Your Digital Marketing Ad Spend

4 Tools to Optimize Your Digital Marketing Ad Spend

Digital advertising can be a maze to navigate. There are so many platforms and so many options that it’s hard to know how to optimize your time and ad spend. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools and strategies you can use to maximize your digital ad budget. Let’s dive into four essential tools that will decrease your stress and increase your return on investment (ROI).

4 tools for better ad results

While there are more tools out there than we can count, some are simply better than others.

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1. CHEQ ClickCease: stop click fraud

ClickCease is a powerful tool designed to protect your digital advertising campaigns from invalid and inhuman traffic. It works by blocking bots, competitor clicks, click farms and other types of fake traffic from running up your ad spend on Google and Meta. It can also cut out faux followers on Facebook and Instagram as well as prevent bot activity on your WordPress site. You get access to a comprehensive dashboard and monthly reports that show you all kinds of insightful data, such as top fraudulent keywords and percentage of fraud on mobile versus desktop.

We use ClickCease at EMB to optimize our Google Ads spend. In fact, we save nearly 25% of our total monthly search advertising budget by using ClickCease to filter out fraudulent, VPN and bounced traffic.

2. GoAudience: grow the right audience

GoAudience is a platform specifically designed for e-commerce brands. It uses AI to discover new customers based on credit card spending history rather than on demographics alone. As their homepage cleverly shows, King Charles III and Ozzy Osbourne have a lot of overlap in demographics but (we assume) have different needs and spending habits. The GoAudience platform uses AI and credit card spending history to create more precise audience segments so that you can make better decisions that lead to better ad results.

GoAudience is a relatively new player in the ad spend optimization game, so we don’t deploy it for any of our current clients. However, it has great reviews and allows you to book a demo and sign up for a free trial.

3. Unbounce: measure landing page conversion

Unbounce lets users build conversion-centric landing pages fast and efficiently. If you’re a marketer, you know that it’s best practice for each ad campaign to take users to a campaign-specific landing page. You also know how time-consuming it is to create and manage all of those pages. With Unbounce, you increase conversions by up to 30% with landing pages designed for calls to action. Like most other ad optimization tools out there, Unbounce also has AI tools to help you build pages easily and at scale.

At EMB, we always suggest using Unbounce for clients who need to run multiple campaigns simultaneously or need to isolate their ad traffic (meaning you want users to stay on one landing page and not “bounce” around). 

Sheria James,
Account Director

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