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We are digital strategists & event marketing experts

We are digital strategists & event marketing experts

Let us guess: you need a strong digital footprint in an increasingly competitive landscape, and you also need to be able to track offline successes to see how and if they translate online. Are we right? If so, you clicked to the right place.

We believe people buy from people. This is true whether you're a midsize B2B or a small B2C. That's why relationship development through storytelling and a tailored marketing strategy is critical. It establishes a brand as an accessible industry leader and shortens the time from first contact to conversion.

There is no line in the sand between online and offline communications with your consumer anymore. Digital and experiential marketing are inseparable, so a holistic approach isn't just "nice to have," it's absolutely necessary. At EMB, it's our job as your full-service marketing partner to deliver SMART marketing strategies across online and offline channels that—yeah, you guessed it—elevate your brand.

We have a detailed client journey

When a marketing agency says they already know everything and can jump right into execution? That's a red flag. At EMB, we do our best to take the ego and guesswork out of marketing by starting every client relationship with our Discovery phase. We like to know as much as we can about your brand, competitors and market before we start to execute—and we can do it in less than 30 days.

The discovery phase

The execution phase

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