Domestic Vs. Global Marketing

Starting a new business is always exciting. You think of ways to advertise effectively and how you’ll treat your customer base, but most of that knowledge is grounded in your understanding of domestic marketing. It’s territory you’re definitely more familiar  with, but once your company gains its sea legs, you’ll want to expand across borders and waters. Is your business ready to make the leap? Preparations for global marketing takes a couple more steps, so it’s important to understand what changes you need to capitalize on territories you may not be familiar with.

Talk the Talk

What good is global marketing if you can’t speak the language? It’s not enough to directly translate your message. The communication between the company and target audience should be authentic and natural, otherwise it won’t speak to your global consumers. People like the aspect of choosing a brand that is familiar to them, so connect with them on a human level, not just with a translator.

Respect the Culture

What works here may not work there. It’s well known that in marketing, one size does not fit all, but when you’re thinking of expanding globally, there are many different cultures and lifestyles that you should take into consideration. An ad that features scantily clad women or using American-based humor may not be culturally relevant in other global markets. Like in all other aspects of marketing, do your homework and get to know your audience.

Big Fish, Big Pond

Expanding a brand requires internal growth and it’s crucial to know strategies in efficiently handling a bigger demand and network. Look at your company from a different perspective and make sure that it’s capable of handling the extra work. Do you have local offices with a sufficient number of employees? Are the internal communication channels efficient? Have you developed a sufficient distribution model to parallel your company’s expansion? With greater territory comes greater responsibility. 

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