EMBiz: Consider a Post-Pandemic Rebrand

Consider a Post-Pandemic Rebrand

Laurel Mintz

Changing Consumer Habits

Hi everyone, Laurel Mintz here with Elevate My Brand. Today we want to talk about a rebrand. Is this something that you thought about for your company in the post-pandemic era? What we’ve seen is that there is a McKinsey study that shows that 75% of Americans have actually changed their brands across all different verticals during the pandemic. And this means that you and your company have an opportunity to give yourself a little refresh. A little face lift and really re-engage and recite your core audience. 

The Benefits Of A Rebrand

It’s also a great opportunity to create something that is news and media worthy. So people want to make things “PR-able”, right we want to make sure that there is press happening around a brand. A rebrand is a great way to refresh, re-engage, and re-excite your audience as well as the media. 

Factors To Keep In Mind

The top three reasons that customers were changing brands were the value, availability, and convenience. So make sure you keep those things in mind, and especially in an era that is far more direct to consumer than ever before. You can really understand why that is. We are also really keen on increasing the demand for transparency, authenticity, and sustainability. Those are some other factors that came out in the study. So as you start to think about a rebrand, make sure you keep those in mind. 

Involve Consumers

Another great tip is to bring your audience along in this journey with you. So that they really feel ownership over this rebrand. We’ve often talked about crowdsourcing. So for example, if you have 3 different logos, 3 new type fonts, or 3 new color theories, make sure which one you want to go with using your social channels to ask people to vote on what they prefer will also help you create those brand evangelists along the path of this new rebrand.

Seize Opportunity

So there is a lot of opportunity in a post-pandemic rebrand to get your existing and prospective clients and customers engaged, excited, and bring them along on this journey. So make sure that you are thoughtful about who you are in a post-pandemic era from a branding perspective, and if you’re looking to get a little more bang for your buck, a rebrand might be in your future.

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