EMBiz: Gen Z & The Post-COVID Glow-Up

Gen Z & The Post-COVID Glow-Up

Laurel Mintz, CEO & Founder

Hey Laurel Mintz here with Elevate My Brand. Today we are going to talk a little bit about gen Z or Gen Zed depending on where you are in the world. We recently did a project overseas for a company that was looking to target this generation and so we have some really interesting insights that I wanted to share with you. First and foremost as we inch closer to a post-covid world, fingers crossed on that one, it's really time to rethink all of our marketing strategies. This has been a great time for us to regroup and rethink how we're going to be targeting our prospects and our clients. If your marketing efforts haven’t thought thoroughly through, (say that 10x fast) how to market to a Gen Z audience, you’d probably have to go back to the drawing board and here is why: they are going to be making up over 40% of your global consumer (that is just a mind blowing statistic and makes me feel a little old, but it is what it is)

The truth is Gen Z is super socially minded so they're all about seeing your value in your work and really understanding who you are at your core as a company. They really want to invest in your brand and a brand that does really good. They're extremely tech savvy. They grew up total digital natives. So it's really important that your digital experience for them is seamless. They are really opposed to a bad digital experience, but even more so you're going to lose them if you have something that's not functioning properly. Gen Z is actually really changing the top channel so they're really at the top of the social food pyramid at this point and they're evolving how we as marketers are talking to our customers and consumers on what channel. So that's another really important statistic. 

Gen Z is the most eager to get out there and re-engage in the global economy. They are really hungry to start living their lives and that makes total sense. That's how we think you should be thinking about marketing to Gen Z. Also thinking about how you're spending, your marketing spend, focused on Gen Z in terms of a specific and focused allocation and then you know hoping that this is a really great target audience to talk to in a post covid world. I hope that was helpful. I know that it's challenging to start to rethink your marketing as new generations come up in the world but that's how you create a brand that lasts. Stay tuned for more from Elevate My Brand coming up next. 

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