EMBiz: Negative Self Talk

Laurel Mintz

Negative self-talk is so poisonous and it’s something that I am at total fault at and something we had a conversation about with the team a little earlier today. You know the world around us is so challenging every single day you are just trying to climb up a battlefield and there are a million things that are coming at you every single day so it’s so important that you are really kind and nice to yourself. We’re so nice to those around us but then we get inside our own heads and there’s just so much negativity, self-doubt, self-talk, and like I said, I totally do this too.

One of the things that someone told me once is, if you had a conversation with yourself and you flipped it around, would you ever allow someone else to talk to you that way? I’m sure the answer is absolutely no. Would you let someone tell you that you're fat, that you're ugly, that you’re worthless, that you don’t get something, that you don’t deserve love, don’t deserve all the things that you are trying to build for yourself? Absolutely not, in fact you probably would not be friends with that person ever again. I hope that’s the takeaway for today. Be kind to yourself, as kind to yourself as you are to others out there and think about when you are having those kinds of spiraling moment of negative self-talk, would you allow that conversation to be targeted at anyone of the people in your life that you love. The answer is inevitably going to be no and that should be a moment where you stop yourself and you say: I am worthy, I am worth it and this negative self-talk are these little devil voices in my head and it’s time to shut them the fuck down.

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