EMBiz: The Importance of Silence

Laurel Mintz, CEO & Founder

Hi guys, Laurel Mintz here with Elevate My Brand. For those of you who have met me in person which probably most of you, you know that my gift is really the gift of GAB. I love people, I love connecting, I love communicating. I really feel like that’s one of the things I’m best at in life. However, I also think that being silent has so much value. You guys might not know but I actually did a 10 day silent meditation retreat a few years ago and it was pretty amazing. I know it sounds insane - no talking, no communicating, no writing, no phones, no technology, nothing - and the first few days you lose your fucking mind - like show tunes, commercials, old conversations - it just shows you how much junk and noise is in your brain. And then by day 3 or 4 it starts to calm down and you start to get really honest with yourself and you can work through some really painful things, or some really creative things - whatever it is that you need in that moment. So, as much as I love communicating and as much as I love connecting, silence is so important. And for me to be quiet for 10 days, you guys know, is probably the biggest challenge I’ve ever had. It was so worth it. I felt physically and emotionally lighter and I was hyper creative after those 10 days. And of course you have to keep the meditation up after that but just giving yourself the space to be silent so you can listen to your gut, you can listen to the universe, and you can just have a little peace in your mind is so critical. So I encourage and challenge you all to take some time to be quiet today and listen to your intuition. That’s all for now, stay tuned for more from Elevate My Brand.

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