From Direct to Downright Deranged: Email Subject Line Ideas for Easter

From Direct to Downright Deranged: Email Subject Line Ideas for Easter

Easter is one holiday where Americans are willing to spend their entire paychecks on food, candy and gifts. In fact, according to Numerator’s 2024 Holiday report, 69% of Easter observers intend to make food purchases. And if you know anything about basic economics, when demand is high, your Easter supply is going to have to beat some tough competition. 

And that’s egg-actly why you need to be as eye-catching as possible in your holiday marketing. Believe it or not, emails are still one of the highest converting marketing strategies out there, so that’s always a great place to start, especially for F&B and CPG brands. But no matter which industry you’re in, we have some email subject line ideas that will get your customers hopping on over to your website or store.

🚨Caution: the following prompts were generated from my twisted brain 🚨

25 Easter Email Subject Lines

Below is a list of 25 Easter-themed email subject lines, ordered from the most direct all the way down to downright deranged. It’s up to you to choose which subject line will work for your audience and your brand. Feel free to use these as-is or as inspiration!

  1. $15 Off Easter Sunday Deals
  2. Happy Easter! Celebrate With 20% Off
  3. Celebrate Easter With A Free Treat 
  4. Easter Basket Gifts Your Family Will Love
  5. Your Basket Deserves the Best Chocolate
  6. Hop Over to Find Your Favorite Easter Treats
  7. Chick 🐥Out These Easter Savings
  8. Egg-citement Awaits! New Easter-Themed Products 
  9. It’s a BOGO Eggs-travanganza!
  10. Open Your Basket | Easter Treats Inside
  11. Egg-clusive Easter Deals Have Arrived
  12. It’s a Miracle! Easter Savings Are Here! 
  13. Have a Good Friday, Saturday AND Sunday at Easter Brunch
  14. Quick, Get a Basket! Our Easter Sale Is Hatching! 🐣
  15. Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow | Easter Sale
  16. Easter Deals to Dye For
  17. Egg Prices Are Spiking, So We’ve Lowered Our Prices 
  18. Chocolate Bunnies Are Hollow But These Deals Aren’t
  19. Easter Bunny Is Working Overtime
  20. Seriously, What’s in The Basket?
  21. Somebunny Wants You to Check Out Our Easter Decor 🐰
  22. You’re Our Kinda Peep | Here’s What You Reap
  23. Get Your Once-a-Year Church Outfit | White Easter Dresses
  24. Hippity-Hoppity, Bring On The Easter Shoppity
  25. The Easter Bunny Isn’t Real, But These Savings Are

If you use numbers 17 through 25, please DM me your click rate results.

Gigi Toma,
Account Manager

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