In The Press: "I Want Her Job" with Laurel Mintz

While some women dream of the job they'd like to have, Laurel Mintz unexpectedly happened upon hers. When her father fell ill, someone needed to handle the family business. So, Laurel stepped up and by age 26, was running a team of 60 in two different retail locations. Even after her father reassumed his role, Laurel's entrepreneurial streak had started to flourish and she began consulting for other retailers she had developed relationships with.

Today, Laurel is the founder and managing director of Elevate My Brand, a Los Angeles-based creative marketing company for food, beverage and retail brands. "The biggest responsibility I have to my clients is to develop and execute comprehensive marketing strategies that incorporate the perfect circle of marketing for their brand," she says. And her resume — which even includes parties for New York Fashion Week — is living proof that her clients love her work as much as she does.

Read the rest of Laurel's interview as a Leading Lady here

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