Marketing Misconceptions: What You See & What You Believe

What you see is not always what you should believe. Sometimes, marketing is difficult to gauge when you don’t see the results you  want or at least, the ones you think you want. This is because you see successful influencers and businesses have the results you think you want, which is constant business and big numbers. So we think to ourselves, why don’t I have those numbers? What are they doing that I’m not? A lot of times we don’t see what’s going on behind closed doors and we just see the results. But in marketing, it’s not always about the result, it’s about the journey. So here are some marketing misconceptions that lead us to believe we’re doing the wrong thing.

  1. Numbers are low, therefore, I’m doing something wrong. – When you look at your numbers and there aren’t a ton of people coming to your website or a ton of people following your social media accounts, sometimes this leads people to think they’re failures. In marketing, it’s about quality, not quantity. Quality is what first attracts people to your business and over time, the numbers eventually grow. It’s better to have a small group of involved followers than a large number of people who don’t care.
  2. People aren’t reading my content all the way through. – We believe that anything you have to say is important, especially if it pertains to your business. However, no two people read alike. Especially with constant interruptions and this new wave of technological ADD, just because people might not read thoroughly or entirely, that doesn’t mean they’re engaged. You should actually compare the number of people who visit your page and the amount of time each person has spent on your page. If you multiply the numbers, you get a more accurate depiction of how engaged people are with your site.
  3. I wrote on a really important topic. Why am I not generating a lot of readers? – Sure, you have expectations about what your numbers should be, but what they are doesn’t always match what you want. What you’re looking at is the numbers and what you aren’t looking at is your strategy. Have you thought about how to affectively achieve those numbers? You have to think about your goals and what strategies you’ll use to get there.
  4. I have a lot of traffic on my website, but my social media following is not the same. This is actually better. You don’t own any of your social media accounts the host site owns your following. If the type of social media were to stop trending, if their algorithms change, or if they were to completely vanish (i.e. Myspace and Friendster), then so would your following. The most important traffic to focus on is your website traffic. If you’d like to know more about social media marketing, head to our previous post, “Here’s Why Social Media Shouldn’t Be Your #1 Focus."

These are just a few marketing misconceptions you might have; there is always room for change to see what you could be doing better. Take a look at what you are currently doing and how that differs or relates to your goals and see if it might be time for a marketing upgrade or just a few tweaks to your strategy. Remember, marketing isn’t rocket science, but it does take some time and creativity.

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