Remember Us? Re-Targeting Your Audience

In the world of advanced digital marketing strategies, marketers are constantly thinking up new ways to enhance their methods to reach more defined consumer groups. Not only do they want to close in on consumers that are interested in a product, but more so consumers that exhibit behavioral intent to buy that product. If you’re not paying attention to this, you’re definitely missing out. This is where re-targeting strategies can come in handy as research into digital footprints can lead companies closer towards their niche target markets.

Companies can use their website’s behavioral data in order to track a potential consumer’s perceived intent, which can narrow down the audience they can actively target. With that audience list, they can sharpen their efforts to specifically target those people through other advertising channels, such as social networks, e-mails, banner ads and more. According to a survey published by AdRoll, a tech company specializing in re-targeting, social re-targeting has become increasingly popular over the last decade, which is why many Facebook users have seen ads on the side of their social pages for websites or brands that they have previously visited. Yes, it’s kind of like stalking your customers, but it’s also a proven effective marketing strategy, so don’t be ashamed. Creep away!

Gaining new customer growth is the most valuable strength and with re-targeting strategies, companies are essentially given a second chance to win over customers that have once expressed interest in their product. It’s like having a customer take a second walk-through of your store. The expenses used for re-targeting are also more justified than mass marketing because of the second, third, fourth and subsequent impressions and therefore, heightened return rate of those specific customers. These advantages make re-targeting a game changer in the marketing sphere, so take advantage of this perspective and get that potential consumer back onto your site to purchase!

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