The Most Important Two-Word Question to Ask About Your Blog

These days, everybody blogs. We all have experience and expertise to share with the world, and we all deserve to share it. As a writer who has published scholastically, journalistically, creatively and otherwise, I encourage everyone to blog. But is every blog post a good blog post? Eh, no.

When I was a blog manager, overseeing multiple teams of writers and editors on various projects, I had a reputation. I’m told my name struck fear into the hearts of writers and editors alike. And, honestly, their fear was valid. I’ve been known to rip posts to shreds—with love, of course. I want writers and their posts to be as successful as possible.

Time and time again, the most devastating comment I’d leave on submissions was only two short words.

Your Biggest Blogging Mistake

I’ve rejected many masterfully written blog posts because they didn’t answer this one simple question: “so what?” Failure to answer this is the biggest mistake you can make as a blogger. An editor can correct your grammar, but she can’t give your post substance. Besides, there are more than 30 million bloggers in the U.S. alone, so the Internet is saturated with content. If a reader doesn’t see the value in your post, she can and will move on to the next one.

Blogging is a critical part of many companies’ content marketing strategy, and rightfully so, but it needs to be done well—and without ego. In other words, ask not what a blog post can do for you but what a blog post can do for your reader.

How to Add Value to a Blog Post

There are lots of ways to add value to your post. Here are two ways to achieve value:

New Perspective

Whether you’re writing about your trascendental hike through Griffith Park or about an operational hardship your company experienced, you can always end with a lesson. What did you learn? What wisdom can impart on the reader? It doesn’t need to be a moral no one has heard before, it simply has to be told in a way no one has heard before—in your own words with your own emotions.

New Information

In the blogosphere, there are two main methods for sharing new info: personal discovery and newsjacking. Did you find out a new way to accomplish an old task? Do you have your own take on someone else’s news? Either way, as long as you’re providing something new with actionable insights, you’re providing value.

Improve Your Next Blog Post

Already ready to write another blog post? Before you even type that first word, ask yourself: so what? If it’s simply something you want to get off of your chest, consider keeping it in your personal journal. But if it can add value to another person’s personal or professional life, make sure you communicate that value as clearly as you can.

And if you aren’t sure what kind of content to write about that provides your audience value, you’re in luck! Elevate My Brand is one of LA's top digital agencies with creative brainpower and a content marketing backbone. We know the importance of blogs, especially blogs for business. We’re experts in storytelling and we live for data, so we know lots about adding value. Email us at!

Cody H. Owens, Account Executive
Elevate My Brand

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