What Falls Under the Marketing Umbrella?

What Falls Under the Marketing Umbrella?

Marketing is generally associated with advertising. If you recall geometry, then you might remember that all squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares. Think of marketing as a rectangle and advertising as a square. All advertising is marketing, but not all marketing is advertising.

To help illustrate this point, we (in the industry) have developed the marketing umbrella. The infographic has several components to take into consideration. For one, marketing has a strong relationship to sales but they are not the same thing. Sales supports marketing and vice versa, which is why it's part of the handle that holds up marketing. Secondly, strategies such as public relations (PR), events, advertising and social media are all elements that fall under the marketing umbrella. Some of these components have their own agency or firm while others specialize in them.

Marketing and sales are two separate entities—so much so that we have to talk to new clients about it all the time! If you want to learn more, check out our blog post on the differences and similarities.

Laurel Mintz,
Founder & CEO

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