When Do I Need a New Website?

When you walk into someone’s house, you can quickly get a sense of what that person is like based on the objects and  arrangements of the living space. Modern furniture gives the visitor a sense of that resident’s style. A recycling bin may indicate that the resident is environmentally conscious. These clues give the visitor a sense of who that person is the way a website does the same for a brand. When consumers visit a company’s website, they take away all the clues that give them a sense of what the company is about. A sleek web design makes the business look more professional, and updated content gives the visitors an idea of how the business keeps in touch with their consumers.

When evaluating a website, look at the basics first. Is it easy to read and navigate? If not, start re-building from scratch or utilize the many easy-to-use web-building services online. The most important factor of a website is to attract customers and convey information about the company. Helping customers navigate through the website in a practical manner is essential in designing your site. The first things consumers look for are information about the product or service and where to acquire that product or service, so make those the most visible buttons on the website as part of the above the fold section so visitors don’t have to scroll for important information. If you’re unsure about your messaging, have an outside party take what we like to call the ten-year-old test. If a ten-year-old were to visit your site, in no uncertain terms would they be able to understand what it is you want them to do on the site? If not, it’s time to make some changes.

It’s also important to think about how a website is viewed. It’s 2016 and owning a smartphone no longer seems like a luxury. Websites without a responsive design can’t be viewed on small screens, which can affect a large portion of the target audience the company is trying to reach. Web designs should cover all bases and accommodate for the various screen sizes that are available to consumers. 

Another big problem many websites tend to face is slow loading time. With such fast speeds and connections other sites are capable of, people want their information now. Having a site that loads slowly deters many visitors, so be sure to fix it as soon as possible. Additionally, creating some interactive features or links can greatly improve an existing site as it gives consumers more ways to interact with or learn about the company. If a company is active on social media, those links should be visible to the visitor, primarily above the fold on the site.

Today, digital presence is an invaluable component to any business, so maintaining an updated website is important. If a company’s website is so antiquated that it detracts from consumer engagement, it’s time to give that site a full makeover. Periodically updating the company’s website will definitely help in the long run as more and more people continue to turn to the web first to gather information about different products and services. Stay tuned for more at Elevate My Brand.

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