Yes, Your Business Still Needs to Be on Facebook

We know, we know, we’ve heard it before: “Facebook should be called Facelift Book because it’s for old people.” Ok, maybe the target audience is slightly higher in age than the average Instagram user and Facebookers are for sure older than the average TikTok user, but Facebook sometimes gets a bad rap, especially from the business community. Does Facebook for Business work or is it BS?

Simply put: it works. Facebook is a powerful platform all businesses should embrace, like it or not. Why? Well, let me break it down for you.

Ad Testing

Facebook is a great place to test your creative content and to understand what your audience engages with most. We call this A/B testing. With a small budget, companies can test various images and content to understand what resonates with their target audiences so that they are able to pivot their digital marketing strategy quickly and efficiently without spending thousands of dollars. 

Through the A/B testing process, your company can create strategic advertising and marketing direction based on the type of content that your audience interacts with most. Good marketing is all about serving your community engaging content, and Facebook is the best platform to test this content in a cost-effective way.

Private Groups

Facebook has become a great platform to segment your larger audience into smaller groups based on shared interests. It even allows your company to monetize the content it creates through these groups. Many companies are charging small fees to join virtual events and to participate in online group activities (e.g. $10 a month to be part of our exclusive organic mom group). Private groups are a great way to create brand loyalists, gather opinions, share content and introduce new products before a massive launch. They are a great way to add value to your business by creating a revenue stream for specific categories of content.

Audience Opinion

Another reason why it’s important for businesses to embrace Facebook is for audience opinions. Use the platform to share new content, products, branding, etc. in order to gauge your audience’s opinions. Surveying your audience on Facebook allows you to tap into their interests and grow your following and your business based on their feedback—real data. The best part is that it personally connects your audience to your brand and makes them part of the company’s story. Imagine the pride your audience will feel when you launch a product or service they had a hand in designing. That’s how you create a brand evangelist for life.


Last but not least, Facebook has a share function that allows your audience to share your content with their followers, allowing your messaging to spread far and wide and giving you the ability to organically grow brand awareness. When content is shared on multiple pages, it attracts more views, more engagement and more interest. Shares are how certain content becomes viral, which, let’s face it, is every brand’s dream when it comes to digital strategy. Sure, you and your customers can share content on Twitter or Pinterest, but Facebook has a wider appeal and many more users.

From sharing content to testing creative, Facebook’s many benefits—I didn’t even mention how it boosts your SEO—outweigh its perceived risks or demerits. It remains a dominant platform no matter who your target audience is, and you absolutely should have a presence. 

Need help building out that brand presence on Facebook? I thought you’d never ask! Talk to one of our social media experts today by filling out our contact form or calling us at (818) 452-9880.

Biana Lerman, Account Executive
Elevate My Brand

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